bridging the gap between MEIR training and airline employment

the reality

Obtaining an MEIR is a fantastic achievement however it doesn’t make you airline ready. The next step is learning how to co-operate in a multi crew environment and fly a jet aircraft.

At this point in your training you will be considering an MCC regulated by the CAA and possibly a JOC course. JOC courses are not mandated and vary in length from 4 to 20 hours. Some airlines will require you to have completed a full 20 hours.

Beyond this, at airline selection, outstanding new First Officers are expected to demonstrate first class decision making, leadership, team work and communication skills.


BESTPILOT combines MCC/JOC and professional development training. We believe this is the very best course on the market to fully prepare you for airline employment.

Pre entry requirements: Current CPL/IR, Airline Entry Level Assessment.

Training programme:

Pilot Fundamentals

Pilot facilitated, an interactive and realistic insight into the role and responsibilities of a commercial airline pilot.

  • Stratford upon Avon
  • 1 week (Monday-Friday)

Airline Jet Transition
In partnership with Virtual Aviation

Developed in cooperation with a partner airline, this advanced 40 hour MCC/JOC delivers rigorous training programmebased upon the workload equivalent of a type rating.

  • Cambridge
  • 3 weeks (Monday-Sunday)

In partnership with Ultimate High

Upset Prevention & Recovery Training comprises theoretical knowledge and on-aircraft training; teaching the pilot how to mitigate loss of control in-flight by avoiding, recognising and recovering from upset situations.

UPRT is only required if mandated by the employing airline.

  • Goodwood Airport
  • 3 days (Monday-Friday)

Advanced Airline Preparation

Designed to equip the pilot with a clear understanding of the skills, personal qualities and professional attributes required of an airline pilot.

  • Stratford upon Avon
  • 1 week (Monday-Friday)

This is a five week continuously assessed, competency based, training programme where each module must be successfully completed in order to graduate. At this point you are airline ready.

Graduate support:

BESTPILOT Recommendation

With specific emphasis on the IATA core competencies, we provide the recruiting airline with a comprehensive summary of your training history including BESTPILOT.

Unlimited Employment Support

You have invested significant time, effort and money in your training and you are now airline ready! We are committed to supporting you in finding your first job. This is a partnership where we offer you continuing support and training, free of charge for as long as necessary, but require you to do your absolute utmost to pursue every opportunity.

Performance Guarantee

The Performance Guarantee is our commitment that graduates of our BESTPILOT programme will fully satisfy the performance requirements of the airline whilst undertaking Type Rating.

BESTPILOT Next Generation

Our partnership with our BESTPILOTs never ends. We offer continued professional development training to all of our graduates and in return we ask them to support our community interest objectives.

We do this by offering our BESTPILOTs the opportunity to undertake Train the Trainer and Train the Assessor professional development courses free of charge. Those BESTPILOTs who work with us have an opportunity to practice their newly learnt skills under the direct supervision of experienced trainers and assessors.

We are nurturing the next generation of Kura Community Interest Company pilot trainers and assessors.

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